Backflow Prevention

What is backflow prevention?

Backflow prevention is preventing an unwanted reverse flow of water from a polluted or potentially polluted source into the drinking water supply.

When does a backflow occur?

Backflow occurs when water flows opposite to its normal or intended direction and can occur when water pressure to a property is not correctly maintained.

Backflow can cause a public health risk if it carries pollutants or contaminations such as chemicals into the drinking water supply.

Backflow prevention starts within a property boundary by isolating a possible contamination source from the town mains or storage tanks (rainwater tanks) from the tap or appliance.

Examples of things that could cause potential contamination:

Fire Hose Reels (FHR)
Irrigation Systems
Swimming Pools
Vehicle-Maintenance Pits
Ornamental ponds
Air-conditioning Towers
Vehicle & Waste Bin-Washing Bays
Chemical Manufacturing Areas.

Here are some examples of properties that would require backflow prevention:

Caravan Parks
Medical Centres
Dental Surgeries
Car & Truckt-Washing Facilities
Motels and Hotels
Motor Vehicle-Repair Workshops
Daycare Centres
Pest control & Water-Carrying Vehicles
Botanical Gardens.
Funeral Parlours

What is the best way to prevent a backflow from occuring?

A correctly selected backflow prevention device (one way valve) will eliminate any risk of contamination of the drinking water supply.

Backflow Prevention Device Example

Backflow devices are either testable or non-testable types with the selection dependant on the risk associated with the possible contamination.

There are a number of different backflow prevention devices available.

The type of device required will depend on the risk rating of the property with the potential hazard.

Backflow prevention devices should only be installed or tested and certified by a licensed tradesperson with the relevant license endorsements.

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